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  • Colonoscopy Song
  • At The Throckmorton Theatre

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  • Kelp

    Meeting Jerry

    My good buddy, Kevin Pollak, is playing the son of Jerry Lewis in “Max Rose” which is a film now in production in Los Angeles.  There’s something about Jerry that has stayed with me all these years, something invisible yet tangible, and that is the spirit you have to have to do comedy. My mother […]

  • IMG_5111


    10:32am. Just returned from the employee cafeteria here at the Tropicana in Las Vegas where I’m headlining for the Laugh Factory. Sad thing is I ate dinner there at 2:00am and haven’t slept for one second. Insomnia has visited again since I can’t use my medical marijuana which is the only thing that has saved […]

  • Woof

    Black is Black

    Last night I told a joke I do once in awhile; “I saw a bumper sticker that read, ‘My Dog Barks For Obama.’  Hey, my dogs barks at black people too, what’s the big deal?'” So after the show I’m selling my CDs at ten dollars apiece and a black couple comes up to me, […]