Black is Black

Last night I told a joke I do once in awhile; “I saw a bumper sticker that read, ‘My Dog Barks For Obama.’  Hey, my dogs barks at black people too, what’s the big deal?'”

So after the show I’m selling my CDs at ten dollars apiece and a black couple comes up to me, “Well, we enjoyed the show up unitl…“I cut them off, “The bumper sticker joke! Come on, really?” Then, in soto voice, I said, “Was it really offensive? I never know…”
They smiled. I then grabed one of my CDs and handed it to them. When I returned to the merch table a woman said, “Why do they get a free CD?”
“They’re black,” I said. (All this is said with a comedy attitude so they know it’s all in fun.)
“Well, I’m half black,” the woman says.
I sold her a CD for five dollars.

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