Father and Son

Gigging at The Improv at Harveys here in lovely South Lake Tahoe. 

The smell of the pine trees reminds me of my father. We vacationed here many times when I was growing up and he always tried to teach me how to fish. Super 8 footage exists of us standing knee deep in a stream with our fishing tackles and fishing hats looking like quite the outdoors-men. I caught only one in all my attempts in all the years. I remember my bad etiquette yelling for all to hear, “I got one! I got one!” not knowing that my screaming disturbed any chance of my dad catching anything. I was so excited for about five minutes then felt horrible that I killed a living thing. Bringing the trout back to the cabin, my Auntie Bobby was so proud of me. “I bet he put up a good fight,” she said. We ate my trophy for lunch.

I remember this just from smelling the pine.

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